Aya Shouoto
Japanese Name 硝音綾
Romanized Name Shouoto Aya
English Name Aya Shouoto
Gender Female
Birthday December 25, 1977 (Capricorn)
Blood Group O


Given name: あや
Family name: 硝音

Birthdate: December 25th
Zodiac: Capricorn
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Traveling, staying at hotels, daydreaming
Likes: Rice, fresh spring rolls (nama harumaki), sewing
Dislikes: Haunted Houses
Special move: absent-mindedness
Motto: Hard-work
BGM: Kururi, Ringo, Ellegarden, theme songs to anime, etc... Music is life
Drawing materials: Mechanical pencils, G-Pen, Maru-pen, draftsman's ink
Programs: Photoshop CS4, SAI
Machine: Mac G5
Place of Residence: Tokyo
Current Projects: Rebuilding my work area...


  • Barajou no Kiss (Story & Art)
  • Epitaph (Story & Art)
  • Himitsu de, Hanazono (Story & Art)
  • J-BOY by Biblos (Story & Art)
  • Junketsu + Kareshi (Story & Art)
  • My Boyfriend, the Rabbit (Story & Art)
  • S・L・H (Story & Art)
  • Starry☆Sky ~in Autumn~ 4-koma Anthology (Art)
  • Starry☆Sky ~in Spring~ 4-koma Anthology (Art)
  • Starry☆Sky ~in Summer~ 4-koma Anthology (Art)
  • Starry☆Sky ~in Winter~ 4-koma Anthology (Art)
  • Super Darling! (Story & Art)
  • Vampire Kiss (Story & Art)



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