Barajou no Kiss ~Rose 1~
Original Title Drama CD 薔薇嬢のキス ~rose1~
Release Date August 26, 2009
Length 01:05:28


Track listEdit

  1. Name of the Rose (薔薇の名前)
  2. Embarrassing Morning (恥じらいよ、こんにちは)
  3. Black and White (白と黒)
  4. The Color Which Cannot Be Found in Nature (自然界には決して存在しない色)
  5. Find Your Destiny! (見つけて! デスティニー)
  6. Cast Comments "I'd be screwed if I lost this!" (キャストコメント「失くしたらとっても困るもの」)


  • Drama CD based on first volume of "Barajou no Kiss"

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