Punishment 25
Punishment 25 Cover
English Name A day in the girl's life
Punishment 24
Punishment 26

Punishment 25, or A day in the girl's life, is the twenty fifth chapter of Aya Shouoto's Barajou No Kiss.

Quick SummaryEdit

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter opens with the Barajou, or Anis, receiving a text message after she finishes her shower. The message alerts her that Mitsuru needs her help desperately and the only way is to summon him. Anis believes the message and summons Mitsuru by kissing the White Rose Card. Mitsuru appears and Anis asks Mitsuru what had happened. However, it turned out that Mitsuru wanted to accompany Anis to school (to fight for her affection). Just as Anis was about to lecture about Mitsuru's trick, Mutsuki appears in her apartment using the window. She screams at the both of them for trespassing her apartment and opens the door to see Seiran holding several shopping bags, willing to follow Anis to school. Anis, exhausted and unwilling to let the Knights Awakening, brought them together and starts shouting at them for coming to her house without her permission. Kaede knocks on the door, tells Anis that he can accompany her to school since he was on the way to school and passed by the house. He gets shocked when he sees the other three knights in her house already, beating him to accompaning Anis to school. Kaede questions Anis about letting them in, Anis surrenders, and mutters that all the Knights had transpassed her house.


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